Feedback & Reactions to ‘Conflicted’

A Congolese protester makes his point during a television interview.Last month I gave a talk both at the Applestore in London’ s Regent Street and the London Photo Forum. It was a great opportunity to explain to other potential authors what lies ahead of creating their own photo books and hear what people thought about Conflicted. In fact, during the Photo Forum talk, one  of the questions came from someone who bought the book online live during the Q&A – which was a pleasant surprise – since I was talking about the iBookstore as a 24hr book shop.

I also received a really warm email from Robert Gershinson with a great story attached:

“… I held off from emailing you because I wanted to let the book sink in. I’ve just re-read/looked at it this lunchtime. I started off with a White Stripes youtube playlist on in the background and by the time I reached page 109 Jack and Meg had ended and I hadn’t even noticed when; that’s the draw of your images. It would be a cliche for me to say that they made me feel I was there, but rather they give me an absolute understanding of the pain, anger, frustration and passion of the protesters regardless of my own political (if any) views, so much so that I felt myself well up more than once…”

Thanks Robert. And thank you also to everyone who attended and wrote in.

All the best,