CONFLICTED eBook now available with 40% off and as a DRM free download.

40% Off‘Conflicted: London’s Faces of Protest’ is now available as a DRM (Digital Rights Management) free download with now 40% off.

Looking around at the digital book marketplace it’s time to dispense with DRM. Originally brought in by Adobe to safeguard authors against piracy, in the majority of cases it has instead thwarted users from being able to enjoy their eBooks across their other devices. That’s not right. So, from today ‘Conflicted’ is now available as a DRM free download. (If you’re one of the original purchasers and you want swap your eBook over, no problem, simply email me here).

In addition to this, I’ve reduced the price of ‘Conflicted’ to £2.99 (from its launch price of £4.99). As the eBook revolution gathered pace, what was originally an economic way of buying your books, has become an increasing cash cow for publishers and digital stockists alike with consumers crying fowl in a lot of cases where the digital versions are as expensive as their paperback equivalents. That’s fine if the digital version offers something that the hardback can’t, like audio book playback, integrated videos, web links and so on, but it’s not if it doesn’t.

‘Conflicted’ doesn’t support any of these features as neither did the authoring tools or digital readers when I originally made my eBook. That said, those are things I’m planning with my next book (a-ha, yes, a new book) and so consequently it seems only fair to adjust ‘Conflicted’s price as a result.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and looking at the photos in ‘Conflicted: London’s Faces of Protest’ and if you’ve haven’t yet I hope you do so at the new cheaper price.

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(Oh. One more thing. I’ve been warned that the Apple iBookstore might be a bit slow to reflect the new pricing change so if you want to buy it quickly you can do so at (follow this link: Happy reading!)